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Learn how you can ensure your project will achieve your objectives

Solving the Business Problems in IT

Consulting – Pathfinder

Our IT project management consultants can help you with your project planning, setup, and delivery. We ‘Design Projects to Succeed’ using our Pathfinder method.

Solving the IT Problems in Business

Delivery – Implementor

We work in a range of industries and technologies. We can provide experienced IT Project Management and technical teams to deliver your projects efficiently and effectively.

Bridging the Gap

Education – Insights

Relevant and applied learning through pragmatic workshops and short training courses, as well as a mentoring service for IT project managers.

Featured Customer

European Space Agency

ESA are world leaders in the practice of Concurrent Design and has a purpose built Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) based at its technical development centre, ESTEC, in Noordwijk, Netherlands.It is primarily used to assess the technical and financial feasibility of future space missions and new spacecraft concepts.

Daysha Consulting has been providing software solutions to support the practice of concurrent design. Find out more >>


About Daysha

We solve the business problems in IT and the IT problems in business by focusing on excellence in IT Project Management and Delivery.

Since 2004, Daysha Consulting has been successfully building a reputation in providing IT Project Consulting services to a wide and varied client base including the European Space Agency, IBM, HP, United Drug, Eircom, and Bank of Ireland.

Our unique combination of solutions, consulting, and education services are designed to help organizations transform their own, and their people’s, capabilities to deliver successful projects, consistently. Read More>>

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