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We help companies solve their business problems in IT and their IT problems in business so that they can create products and services that deliver real value to their customers.

Daysha Consulting was one of the first IT Services firms to focus on the discipline of IT Project Management as the cornerstone of its offerings, and over the last decade we have done much to forward the practice with the launch of a range of services exposing a wider audience to the concepts.

Founded in reaction to the rigid approach that some firms bring to their client work, Daysha Consulting has always approached its projects with flexibility, and above all else, integrity. We take great pride in our work.

We see IT Project Management as our way to influence the success of companies and over the years Daysha has consistently expanded the definition of our services as we find more and more applications of our skills and experience, and as we push the boundaries of what is expected and delivered.

Find out more about our team and our services, check out our client stories, or download some of our white papers for a more in-depth look at what we do. You can also download a brief overview of what we do here.

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