daysha milestones and historyDaysha Consulting was founded in the summer of 2004. Right from the start, the focus for Daysha, was the provision of IT resources, specifically project managers and technical architects within the Irish marketplace. And from 2004 to 2005 the company built a strong reputation for excellence in this area, winning project work with recognizable brands such as Hewlett Packard, Intel and Bank of Ireland.

It was important to the founders to approach client work in an agile and pragmatic way – the focus was getting the job done, quickly and efficiently. The business model was purposely flexible – making it easy for clients to work with us, and for Daysha staff to integrate seamlessly into our clients’ teams. That flexibility and the ability to respond to emergent technologies and to adapt to and absorb the clients’ processes and technology architecture were crucial to Daysha’s early success and continue to influence how we work today.

In 2006, Daysha won its first software support contract with Diageo and began hiring a small software development team and establish a support model. We wanted to expand our software capability. We saw an opportunity for our skills within Publicly Funded R&D projects, such as those sponsored by Enterprise Ireland, and EU Framework research projects. In 2006, we won the project management of the IMS ARCs project with Enterprise Ireland, and in 2007 we secured our first project work with European Space Agency.

Meanwhile, Daysha staff were providing project management and technical services across a growing number of clients including several County Councils, Directski and the Department of Social Protection.

In 2009, we also grew the software support business, winning clients such as Coverity and RTE and An Post and starting relationships with HMH and IBM relationships which continue to this day. We also started working with clients in the distribution sector including Boyne Valley and Londis.

In 2009, the company reorganized and continued to grow many of its key accounts. In 2011 we felt we were spread too thinly and offered too many different services. We knew our core strength was our IT Project Management capabilities. The focus on IT Project Management brought the Company strong growth in 2011 and 2012 and our new clients in this period included CBI, Statestreet, Eircom and United Drug.

We embarked on a process, rediscovering what brought us together in the first place. We found that solving complex problems and doing projects we are proud of was what really inspired us. We found that the way we approached projects, the way we planned, and the way we brought clients through the process was truly unique and something we were justifiably proud of. And so we developed Pathfinder. This was heavily influenced by our work with the European Space Agency, and also the internal processes we had developed around design and innovation.

But we didn’t stop there. We couldn’t simply pivot the company and focus on Pathfinder. We still had existing services and clients. And here we found something unique that we were proud of – our approach to the phases of deployment and support. The Deployment challenge is often underestimated both in terms of effort and risk, and we knew we could leverage our experience and develop processes which could help clients in this critical project phase. In Support we chose to specialize in helping organizations manage their legacy software applications. Both of these offerings are unique in the market place.

Finally, we agreed that we really enjoyed helping – helping each other, helping organizations and their staff, and helping by teaching and sharing what we know. We devised an Education programme, launched in 2013 to share our thoughts and experience in IT projects, provide mentoring, and pragmatic training to businesses aimed at solving real problems.


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