Are you an an IT consultant, project manager, or engineer? Are you looking for new challenges, new business areas, powered by the latest technologies and cutting-edge solutions? Perhaps you want to expand your industry knowledge and widen your experience.

If so, come and work with us in a dynamic, varied, challenging and flexible environment. You will have opportunities to work in many different companies on a wide variety of projects, for example the European Space Agency, IBMHP, and Bank of Ireland. You can build on your skills and experience and benefit from on-going training. You will increase your network of contacts and work with some of the best in the industry.

At Daysha we have a diverse workforce where talent thrives. People are encouraged to take control of their career and their continuing personal development and Daysha supports this through on-going training and support. If you join us, you will be provided with the tools to help you develop as an individual and to navigate a successful career.

Open Positions

Check out our list of available IT Consulting Jobs.

Consultants, Project Managers, Engineers
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