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Scrum & Kanban

Agile teams should work with the methodology that suits them best. Whether time-boxing iterations or focusing on flow and productivity, teams need tools to support them in today’s highly complex environments.

Continuous Integration

CI is a long established best practice. It is not always easy to setup or maintain the discipline, and teams should be provided with the tools that help them do this with the least amount of friction possible.

Source Code Control

A DevOps team cannot function without a reliable source code control (SCM) tools. SCM is the cornerstone for all automation efforts, and mistakes here can easily slow down a teams progress. Tools should be flexible and very easy to use.

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Atlassian JIRA Agile - smart tools for smart teams

JIRA Agile

JIRA Agile provides teams with Scrum and Kanban boards, epics and stories to organize work, the ability to create your own development workflows, and dashboards and reports that keep your team informed in real-time.

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Agile teams use continuous integration


Bamboo is a continuous integration build server that is fully integrated with the other Atlassian tools to provide a seamless environment to configure and manage your builds, automated testing, and deployment tasks.

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Agile teams needs best in class source code control systems

Stash & Fisheye

Stash for Git and Fisheye for SVN are tools that can help you easily manage your source code repositories. These are fully integrated into JIRA and Bamboo for easy visibility of all changes and the status of all work.

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