Continuous Delivery Simplified

Easily define build and deployment pipelines

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Visibility Feedback for all the team

Know what’s changing and get a clear view of what’s going live.

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Drag and Drop Configuration

Define your build tasks, then drag and drop them into the right order.

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Plan, Track, Build, Deliver

View builds and deployment status within JIRA.

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Bamboo Features & Benefits

  • Automation: Deployment projects automate the tedium right out of releasing into each environment
  • Visibility: Details like JIRA issues, commits, and approvals follow each release from development to production.
  • Scale: Tests in each stage can be run in parallel, discovering failures and getting feedback to developers fast.
  • Bug Tracking: Defects against failed tests are raised from Bamboo so you can make progress visible to everyone.
  • Integration: Easy build import from popular open source tools, support for Git, Mercurial, and SVN, as well as Maven and Ant.
  • Continuous Integration: Trigger builds based on changes detected SVN, push notifications from Stash, new branches detected, a schedule, a build completion, or any combination.
  • Operations: Ops teams can see a the full roll-up of code changes and JIRA issues that have come in since the previous deploy.

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How we work

Atlassian Bamboo does more than just run builds and tests. It connects issues, commits, test results, and deploys so the whole picture is available to your entire product team – from project managers, to devs and testers, to sys admins, and release managers.

Bamboo can help you on your journey to delivering software faster, with greater quality and lower risk. By automating the repetitive and error prone build and configuration management tasks performed by traditional teams (work that is often overlooked in planning), Bamboo can free up resources to concentrate of delivering great software.

Daysha Consulting has been building software for 10 years and we can help you in various ways, from implementing the environment and scripts, to training you to do the same. We will usually start with a review of your existing systems and a set of recommendations is produced. Subject to these recommendations we provide an implementation plan and resources to help you build your scripts and configure bamboo.

What we offer

  • Implementation.
  • Consulting Packs.
  • Bamboo Licenses and Renewals.
  • Local Training and Support

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