Align Strategy and Reality

Get a single planning and resource management view across multiple JIRA projects.

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What-if Resourcing Analysis

Painless analysis of what-if scenarios for cross-project teams.

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Collaborative Planning

Keep all team members informed and involve them in scoping, planning, and resource allocation.

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JIRA Portfolio Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive User Interface: JIRA Portfolio provides a slick, clean UI that users have come to expect from any modern enterprise tool.
  • Capacity Planning: Provides the insights that management need into the resource requirements and availability of agile teams.
  • Closes the loop between forecasting and agile development.
  • See the potential impact of changing resource allocations without changing the data in live projects.
  • Manage demand by making it visible – all stakeholders can see all projects and workload in one place at the same time.

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How we work

Atlassian JIRA Portfolio provides a single view of all your JIRA projects in one place. Finally you can see all the demand for your teams, how resources are allocated, and how much progress is being made in one easy to use interface. All the information you need to be proactive rather than reactive is right in front of you.

Daysha, with its knowledge of IT Project Management, fully understands the pressures faced by project and programme managers as they try to balance resource allocations, meet their commitments, and lead their teams. We can help organisations effectively implement project portfolio best practices, and use JIRA portfolio to add a new dimension to their usage of JIRA.

What we offer

  • Implementation.
  • Consulting Packs.
  • JIRA Portfolio Licenses and Renewals.
  • Local Training and Support

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