You’re busy! You don’t have time to deal with license paperwork, purchase orders, procurement etc. You want to get on with your job. Daysha Consulting can manage your licenses, support, and renewals process for you.

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Why Daysha?

Daysha can be your single source for purchasing Atlassian products and renewing your maintenance agreements. Although you can deal directly with Atlassian there are some advantages to dealing with a local expert partner.

Simplify Procurement

Of course you can still purchase or renew licenses directly from Atlassian using your credit card. But as the value of your purchase increases it becomes less convenient to use a credit card, and you may prefer to receive an invoice with payment terms for the license/renewals just as you would any other supplier.

Local Relationship and Support

Do you value a local partner; someone you can personally meet and works in your own time zone; someone you can build a relationship with? Daysha can provide local support, tailored to your needs and can respond faster/better than Atlassian’s own ‘legendary’ support.

Bundled Licenses and Services

Daysha can look at your requirements from a holistic viewpoint, and we can bundle together licenses and services to ensure you have the best combination of Atlassian products, marketplace add-ons, and customization services.

License Cost Savings

Do you need all of your server instances? Are all your user accounts active? We can advise on how to get the most from your existing licenses. Also, if you have multiple Atlassian products renewing on different dates, we can help move your licenses to a single renewal date and streamline your purchasing and renewal process.

Discounts on Training

Although Atlassian products are easy to use, to get the most from your investment you need training. Daysha can provide training on the full range of Atlassian products. We can also teach you to use these products to implement practices such as Agile, Continuous Delivery, and other software development best practices.

Health Check Service

Performance Issues? Need to upgrade to the latest version? Our Health Check service can diagnose problems and provide a remedial plan of action. We can also advise you on the best course of action if you are upgrading from an older version of one of the products, and if required perform the upgrade on your behalf.

Atlassian Products

We can manage the whole process from the initial engagement to the technical delivery, training, rollout, and support.



JIRA and JIRA Agile connects people, activities and tools to help you make great products, and deliver software faster, with better quality, and lower risk.

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JIRA Portfolio

JIRA Portfolio gives you a birds-eye view of all your projects in JIRA. You can optimize your plans and resource allocation, and more effectively plan your projects.

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Confluence and Team Calendars

Confluence and the Team Calendars plugin allow you to share information and your calendars to keep all your team members fully informed.

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JIRA Service Desk

Leverage the power of JIRA to take your customer service to the next level. JIRA Service Desk provides you with the tools to more efficiently handle customer service requests.

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Stash and Fisheye

Whether you use Git or Subversion, Atlassian has you covered. Improve your productivity by making it easy to manage your source code control system.

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Take control and automate your build and release management processes. Fully integrated with JIRA and Stash/Fisheye for full traceability of all changes.

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