John Brophy is currently Head of Professional Services at Daysha Consulting in Ireland, where he leads a team of 25 project managers and business analysts working on projects in blue-chip clients. He is a 35-year veteran of the IT industry, starting out as a database systems programmer, moving onto leading a team of systems programmers looking after what were then called midrange systems. He then became a senior project manager with a global IT company and followed that up by running his own IT infrastructure support company for 6 years. His background is Ops – and he is proud of that!

Waste not – Want not

Why is that when you go to your local supermarket, nothing seems to be where it was last week! How come, when you visit a certain Swedish company that specialises in home products, you have to go around in circles to find the product you came in to buy? Why, in other words, do you […]

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DevOps by Osmosis – Is That Even Possible

“We don’t do DevOps. We can’t, as our development plans are agreed so far in advance and our priority from a production point of view is to keep our systems available 24/7.” I heard this comment from a pal of mine as we had a quiet beer over the weekend, but I’m sure this comment, […]

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