Fintech:CODE Learnings


Last week Daysha attended Fintech:CODE in London with our good partners Atlassian where we were in the company of some of Europe’s leading banks. This blog summarises our learnings under three categories for those with an interest in DevOps and particularly for those in  Fintech. Culture Adapting to a DevOps culture is still the biggest […]

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Waste not – Want not

Why is that when you go to your local supermarket, nothing seems to be where it was last week! How come, when you visit a certain Swedish company that specialises in home products, you have to go around in circles to find the product you came in to buy? Why, in other words, do you […]

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Atlassian User Community Meetup

This group is being restarted in Dublin by Daysha, an Atlassian Solution Partner. It is our hope that in time this community will turn into an official AUG. Furthermore, Atlassian are looking to find a local person who can lead the Irish Atlassian User Group which would be independent of Daysha. (contact Darline Auguste, email: […]

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DevOps by Osmosis – Is That Even Possible


“We don’t do DevOps. We can’t, as our development plans are agreed so far in advance and our priority from a production point of view is to keep our systems available 24/7.” I heard this comment from a pal of mine as we had a quiet beer over the weekend, but I’m sure this comment, […]

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How Atlassian (Jira) enables DevOps


When Daysha recognized that DevOps was an inevitable outcome for organisations that need to be agile, our customers explicitly stated they wanted solutions not process preaching. We therefore entered into partnership with technology providers where our services complemented their technology to help our clients become agile. This blog focuses on workflow and Atlassian tooling to […]

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DevOps Case Studies


This is a bank of case studies on DevOps to help those tasked with implementing CI or CD. It can be a reality for organisations large and small independent of sector and technology. Because Daysha is focused on larger indigenous organisations our case studies are more oriented towards financial institutions with legacy technologies. This material […]

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DevOps Learning Links


Related to an earlier blog with case studies are the following links to DevOps learning which we commonly share with customers. This material has been assembled over the last 2 years by the team at Daysha through attendance at meet up’s in Dublin and London, conferences we have attended in Europe and the US and […]

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DevOps Can Be Stressful


Stress. It’s a killer. We all recognize that some stress is good, but too much causes significant problems. However, if we can manage that stress, then results can be exceptional, whether that means your football team handles the stress of the occasion and wins the final, or your DevOps project team delivers on-time and to […]

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Building a DevOps Toolchain

Building a DevOps Toolchain is challenging. Firstly its difficult to define what you need and secondly its difficult to select from the myriad of choices out there. In our own business we have selected a set of tools that form the basis for our DevOps solutions. But this came about through a combination of accident […]

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