Dynamically Provision Infrastructure

Web-scale IT that can keep up with the peaks in usage and traffic.

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Enable DevOps

New services and features can be deployed and updated more frequently, with little risk of downtime.

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Continuous Cloud Delivery

Chef can work with all major cloud hosting environments, so you can take full advantage of the benefits of cloud infrastructure.

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Chef Features & Benefits

  • Cloud-ready: Chef (formerly known as Opscode) is built from the ground-up to take advantage of all that cloud and virtualization technology has to offer.
  • Reduce costs and streamline your IT by using Chef to dynamically provision and de-provision development, test, and production environments.
  • Stay in control by using Chef to keep your infrastructure consistent, avoid snowflake servers and shadow IT.
  • Scale to thousands of servers on any infrastructure whether its is physical, virtual, or cloud.
  • Massively scalable architecture with minimal management overhead.

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How can we help?

Automation is one of the cornerstones of the DevOps movement. But traditionally provisioning infrastructure for development, test, or production has always been a bottleneck that can slow down deployment and the realisation of business value.

Chef (formerly known as Opscode) takes the same principals applied to automating other aspects of the development pipeline and applies these to infrastructure. You can use Chef to build a code-based model of your infrastructure. And just like other code, this can be placed under configuration management and change controlled, tested in QA, and applied in any environment to build consistent and reliable infrastructure. It is code, and therefore repeatable.

Daysha can help you take advantage of these technology through implementation of Chef recipes, training, and consulting.

What Daysha offers

  • Implementation.
  • Consulting Packs.
  • Chef Licenses and Renewals.
  • Local Training and Support

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