DevOps and the impact on Project Management

This blog on how Digital Transformation and Devops impact Project Management is based on conferences and meetups the Daysha team attended in the first half of 2018.

Digital Transformation is the business saying we want to change how we communicate our offers to our customers. While this can be a B2B issue, it’s more commonly observed in B2C companies. DevOps can often be initiated by an engineering cadre . These two forces – Digital Transformation and Devops, impact Project Management.

Changing the role of Project Management


Devops Impact Project Management

As organisations try to come to terms with DevOps, pre-existing project/portfolio approaches to funding and management models collide with concepts such as MVP. The role of PMO is changing.



Large fintech organisations are trying to organise around Product and this raises questions such as

  • Projects end, products don’t. How do we account for this?
  • People stay with products longer and there is no ‘handover’ with consequent loss of tacit knowledge. How do we ensure this motivates people with a project mindset looking for new intellectual stimulation?
  • Product teams are more stable as individuals come and go. If we cannot retain or retrain project oriented staff, where do we find product oriented people?
  • There is equivalent amounts of tacit knowledge. Product teams need to have a sharing mentality and good documentation behaviour. Do we have tools for this?

PM’s depending on their existing skills, domain knowledge and capacity for growth can think about different ways to add value. The Product Owner role is best suited to business SME’s, however PM’s that have been working in one domain for some extended period could be deployed in this role with some retraining .

Product Manager … a role that spans multiple Product Owners to coordinate the efforts of tens of scrum teams may be suited to Program Manager’s.

The business is increasingly looking for Portfolio Management  and this is a role existing PM’s can fulfill as an element of Product Management. Continuous Planning is now viewed as a means to bridge PMO demand management thinking and agile mindset.

devops impact project management


Although we can see how Digital Transformation and Devops impact Project management, with retraining Project managers can still be valuable in the DevOps age.





Fincode primarily attended by Fintech companies including larger organisations like Morgan Stanley, Lloyds and BBVA.

DevOps Summit which was a one day event and included financial and non financial attendees.  These events included workshops and panel discussions. Daysha ran one of the workshops at Fincode in partnership with XebiaLabs.

DOES 2018. There is a comparable Fincode blog for 2017.


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