Application Intelligence and Smart Operations

We help smart DevOps teams use the best tools to collaborate and deliver the best end-user experience.

End-User Experience Monitoring

It doesn’t matter if individual nodes in your application are performing ‘normally’. What matters is what the end-user experiences. DevOps teams need tools to help them understand the end-to-end picture and how individual interactions with the application are impacting user satisfaction and productivity.

Application Insights and Diagnostics

Just knowing that end-users are dissatisfied is not enough, DevOps teams also need the ability to dig deep into the application and gather diagnostic information to uncover the source of the problems. These tools should work in production and development environments.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

When problems do occur organization must react quickly, ideally before users are significantly effected. DevOps teams need tools to track progress on resolution of issues and performance against SLAs. Ideally these tools are fully integrated into the development toolchain to support traceability for all reported issues.

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The AppDynamics platform gives DevOps teams the ability to analyze and optimize digital business performance in real time, in production.

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JIRA Service Desk

JIRA Service Desk is built on JIRA and provides easy to use customer and agent portals, SLA management, and real-time reporting.

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