Release & Deploy

Automate software and infrastructure deployment with our best-in-class tools:


Monitor & Alert

Deliver exception customer service through best-of-breed application intelligence and service desk tools:


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How we help

Installation & Configuration

We provide services to install and configure any of our partner products. We can also provide customization, add-on development, and support for these products.

Training & Consulting

We provide training courses for all of our DevOps Solutions. We can also perform reviews, best practice consulting, and advise you on how to implement the tools and process changes that are required.

Licenses & Local Support

We act as local resellers in the Irish market for our partners. We provide licenses, renewals, support for these products as well as euro billing, and access to local experts.

Where Our DevOps Solutions can help

Plan & Track

Collaborative planning and tracking tools are a must if you want disparate groups to work together across the organization. Visualizing and tracking all work is needed before you can improve.

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Dev & QA

Dev and QA need to work together efficiently and effectively. This is best achieved with a standard set of tools that encourage a single view and provide rapid feedback from Dev to QA.

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Release & Deploy

Frequent releases requires automation of infrastructure provisioning and software deployment to create continuous delivery pipelines that are fast and easy to use.

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Monitor & Alert

If you are changing your software frequently then you need to be able to react quickly and fix issues so that the business can have trust in your process and you continually improve.

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Our Technology Partners

DevOps Solutions - collaboration and visualization for all work items


Atlassian are a leading supplier for tools that help teams collaborate to deliver great software. Daysha supply Atlassian products, support, consulting, and training services in Ireland.


DevOps Solutions - Chef Infrastructure Automation


Chef is a leading supplier of tools to support automated infrastructure provisioning. Daysha supply Chef consulting, training, and licensing in Ireland since 2014.

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