Automate your software deployment

Avoid errors and repetitive work by Automating the entire build and deployment process, step by step.

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Workflows and Approvals

Build a workflow that automates deployment steps and approvals from build to production

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Powerful Extensibility

BuildMaster’s library of actions can be extended, allowing virtually any kind of automation.

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Inedo BuildMaster Features & Benefits

  • Visibility: BuildMaster Dashboards and Notifictions allow you to see the status of your builds and deployment processes and receive alerts when something needs your attention.
  • Integration: Common issue trackers such as JIRA, source code control systems such as SVN and Git, and other build systems such as Jenkins and Bamboo are interated.
  • Database Deployments and Upgrades: BuildMaster is not only responsible for software deployment but can also manage upgrades of your database.
  • Manage Configuration Files: Build paramaterised configuration files for each of your environments.
  • Build Reporting and Unit Testing: BuildMaster can integrate with common testing frameworks and static analysis tools and can generate reports, or prevent deployments based on the results of tests.

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Inedo BuildMaster takes continuous integration and deployment one step further. Rather than build a chain of tools to perform the various stages of build, release, and deploy pipeline, Inedo BuildMaster provides a single integrated environment.

This environment enables you to automate the entire process from code checkin through to build, infrastructure provisioning, and software deployment.

Daysha can help you take advantage of this technology through implementation of automation scripts, training, and consulting.

What Daysha offers

  • Implementation.
  • Consulting Packs.
  • Local Training and Support

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