DevOps Case Studies

This is a bank of case studies on DevOps to help those tasked with implementing CI or CD to confirm that it can be a reality for organisations large and small independent of sector and technology. Because Daysha is focused on larger indigenous organisations our case studies are more oriented towards financial institutions with legacy technologies.


This material has been assembled over the last 2 years by the team at Daysha through attendance at meet up’s in Dublin and London, conferences we have attended in Europe and the US and through interactions with our various technology partners.


In total were you to read all of the links and watch all of the presentations you would need a total of 8-10 hours to consume and digest this material. Many of the presentations are no less than 30-40 minutes.


More probably you will want to save this page as a bookmark and return here as you need more information.


Some of the content is available as word files – notes from meetings so if you want it in that format email us and we can send it on.


The content is ordered by growing maturity in DevOps. Companies that are starting their journey are near the top and …. those that are fully implemented/using microservice and thinking about dynamic auto provisioning etc nearer the bottom.



Standard Bank blog. This is a story about how a bank that grew frustrated with the pace of delivery from IT decided to try to accelerate their journey to DevOps and faster release cycles. There are a total of 6 blogs articles that outlines how they fast tracked their way to DevOps through piloting and backed by a brave COO.


Since this blog Standard Bank have internet banking applications in a continuous delivery pipeline. And they have a further 3 other projects adopting the practices. There is a white paper from Chef on this topic.


IG – an online financial investment product trading application that has applied DevOps to four different projects including a legacy system that was quite fragile. The first presentation is


made by Joe Mc Kevitt and focuses on the incentive for people to buy into the processes and how their 4 year journey panned out – includes some interesting insights into developing a community of best practice and engaging partners in the process. There is interesting content on Joe’s personal motivations that will resonate with all IT professionals.


The second presentation is by Gustavo Elias the person who led the legacy system project at IG. This is aimed at a more technical audience.



Mature DevOps team at Just Eat – online food retailer. Scaled from 20 to 200 people, moved from Denmark to London in 2010, and put a CD process in place over the last 6 years. This team didn’t have a ‘legacy’ as such – . Their software processes up to 1200 food orders per minute. Migrated from data center to AWS cloud.


Notes of this presentation – email us.


This is a presentation on how HMRC (Inland Revenue) have adopted DevOps for the delivery of tax collection services on a microservices architecture that is hosted in the cloud. Note – that on the second busiest tax collection day they switched cloud providers