DevOps Learning Links

Related to an earlier blog with case studies are the following links which we commonly share


This material has been assembled over the last 2 years by the team at Daysha through attendance at meet up’s in Dublin and London, conferences we have attended in Europe and the US and through interactions with our various technology partners. for a description of the product owners role


Most common mistakes on DevOps implementations.


ETSY CTO Signs off after 5 years and offers some reflections


This is a survey of companies and their answers to questions ref adoption/non adoption of DevOps – cause and effect.

This is Jezz Humble as he delivers a presentation on the 2015 survey at a conference we attended. Heavy going at the start as he talks a lot about statistics… so feel free to jump in around 20- minutes or so for the better content.


Humble refers to Pathological, Bureaucratic and Generative cultures in his presentation. A Prof Westrum created this concept and a summary of the cultures is here


Bi-modal IT debunked

Gannet USA Today publishers – switching cloud providers at random

Becky Thorn from Thoughtworks on how to break down Conways Law and the role of the Business Architect includes example from online loan product customer – big UK bank. Plenty of statements of the obvious

Technical debt