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We help smart development teams use the best tools to release software more often and with less risk.

Build Management and Alerting

DevOps teams need to eliminate time consuming tasks that can become bottlenecks. One bottleneck is build management. DevOps teams need tools to automate software builds and testing, and provide alerts when something requires attention.

Software Defined Infrastructure

DevOps teams take responsibility for software and infrastructure. They can use tools to build a code-model of the infrastructure that can be used repeatedly and reliably to automate the build of the infrastructure.

Release Management & Deployment

DevOps teams need to have visibility of what is coming down the pipeline. They need tools that allow them to see the status of releases, dependencies, and versions, and what is ready for deployment. These tools should also enable them to automate the deployment steps.

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BuildMaster brings together the people, process, and practices such as release management, build pipelines, auditing, and configuration management, to enable organizations quickly transition to a DevOps culture.

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Chef provide DevOps teams with the ability to dynamically provision and de-provision infrastructure. It works with physical, virtual, and cloud-based services and is integrated with many other tools.

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