IT Project Consulting, Delivery, and Education
At Daysha, we believe that information technology, delivered correctly, is a powerful force for economic and social change. We want to help our clients harness this potential to achieve success. At the core of our business is a focus on excellence in IT Project Management Services and Delivery. We have 3 distinct service types – Consulting, Delivery, and Education

Our capability is best summarised as follows: We solve the business problems in IT and the IT problems in business. What this means is that we approach business from dual perspectives. From the business perspective, we see issues when business and IT are not aligned on business objectives. In these situations projects fail. We take steps and follow a particular approach we have developed to ensure Business-IT alignment around strategy and project implementations. We call this approach Pathfinder.

Overview of Daysha IT Project Management, Consulting, Education Services

From the IT perspective, we see resourcing and expertise as one of the main problems. Every organization is different, every problem and opportunity unique, so we work alongside our clients to deliver bespoke solutions using a unique combination of services, experience, and technology. Our internal IT teams consisting of project managers, business analysts, and technical specialists can be deployed to augment an organizations project teams, or Daysha can act as an outsourcing partner and take full responsibility for particular deliverables. You can find out more about our implementation and delivery services here.

We also have a mission to share our knowledge and experience with the wider business and IT community. So we are publishing content here on our website via our blogs, white papers, and case studies, holding short focused training workshops, and providing mentoring services to our clients.


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