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Let our experts lead the way and help you deliver you business objectives

Daysha’s IT consulting services are all about access to independent and objective expertise to help you implement your business and IT initiatives. We can help identify opportunities for you as an individual, your team members and your organization to benefit from our experience.

Our people have worked in some of the most complex business environments where the requirement is to bring together all aspects of the business, product management and IT delivery to deliver critical business objectives.

By combining our IT consulting expertise and our focus on “Designing Projects to Succeed”, Daysha can help you identify and implement the critical steps that take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Our Approach

Developing and implementing any IT-related project is a challenging undertaking. We know that many projects, ranging from strategy development to software implementation, fail for various reasons. Our research and experience has demonstrated to us, that these failures have a single root cause – a failure to properly understand and communicate the business objectives. Without this a project cannot be developed and properly implemented.

To address this we have developed Pathfinder. Pathfinder is the result of our work using Agile methodologies, Innovation techniques, and our work with the European Space Agency. The underlying principle is that we can increase the chances of the project being successful by “Designing the Project to Succeed” in the first place. This can be applied where companies are launching new IT projects, or recovering in-flight projects, and need them to be successful to achieve their business objectives.

We have utilized and refined these techniques over a number of years with various customers including Skillnets, DirectSki, and Boyne Valley Group. The approach works by:

  1. Understanding the business objectives,
  2. Identifying what needs to change,
  3. Identifying what to change it to, and
  4. Developing a plan to make the change happen.


Pathfinder is an intensive series of hands-on workshops and activities that bring people from different disciplines and backgrounds together to explore design and planning options for a project. This can be completed in a single session or, more likely, be spread out among several workshops, depending on clients needs and complexity. This service is delivered rapidly and consists of series of collaborative activities that produces a comprehensive roadmap and business case to get our clients from where they are today to where they want to be. As a result of these activities we ensure all stakeholders from business and IT are aligned, all views are represented, and everyone understands the goals and objectives.

Other Benefits are:

  • Reduced Risk: Over the period of activity the group converges on an agreed solution design and plan. Since all interested parties are involved from the beginning, having contributed to the planning and design, participants are in a position both to understand and support a project’s rationale going forward, therefore greatly increasing the chances of project success. The chances that something has been overlooked or fallen through the cracks is greatly reduced.
  • Team Building: The collaborative nature of the activity brings people together in team with a sense of purpose in order  to solve the problem at hand and implement a solution.
  • Communication Improved: The nature of the Pathfinder process is that all views are represented. Eventually everyone understands the goals and objectives of all stakeholders and can agree the importance and priorities of requirements.
  • Independence and Objectivity: Our clients benefit from our work and experience with our wide and diverse range of clients from different industry sectors.  Unencumbered by company politics or culture, consultants provide a fresh perspective and are able to concentrate on what’s best for the business.
  • Fresh and Unique perspective: Our Outside-In viewpoint allows us to identify improvements and new ways of thinking about a problem. We go the extra mile, conduct our own research, and always try to propose innovative solutions that the client may not have considered.
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