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Daysha provides IT project implemention resources, project managers, software developers, testers, QA

Stay Ahead of the pack with the Daysha Delivery Solutions

IT project delivery is tougher than ever. Almost every organisation is feeling the pinch on budgets and resources, yet the strategic and operational importance of IT to the business is only growing. The challenge is to deliver projects fast, to tight budgets, without sacrificing quality. Complicating the issue is the need to manage diverse teams, many of whom may be outside your organisation, and to help your people develop new skills. We have an excellent track-record in IT project delivery. We have worked with global companies in numerous industries to deliver complex projects successfully.


Many organizations suffer from a lack of resources that constrains their ambition and capability to achieve their goals. Nowhere is this problem more prevalent than in IT.

PMaaS is a resourcing model that offers a cost-effective means of engaging outside expertise in a service-level model to achieve significant improvements in an organization’s project management effectiveness.

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IT project implementation resources for software and infrastructure projects

Daysha Implementation teams have delivered over 150 projects at 25 clients to a value of over 250 Million Euro. Our expertise spans infrastructure, software, and business change.

We have an excellent track-record in IT project implementation. We have worked with global companies in numerous industries to deliver complex projects successfully.

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When projects are ready to go live, you need to ensure that the deployment goes smoothly and that the integrity of your existing business operations is protected.

You don’t want the new system interrupting or damaging your other systems, potentially loosing you money, reputation, and customers. Our Deployment service puts in place the necessary disciplines and processes to ensure that this won’t happen.

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Daysha IT Legacy Support Services

Whilst the world rushes headlong towards the latest and greatest technologies, what happens to your legacy applications? Our technical team are experts in on-boarding legacy systems and supporting them.

We help to reduce our clients’ risk exposure and maximise their return on investment. We support a range of technologies and platforms, and can help you smoothly transition from your old to modern new systems.

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